Why Bother Wisconsin?

Building an alliance of colleges turning Election Day into a class-free day of action.

Let’s make voting easier for all college students.

First, let’s check — are you registered to vote?

Type your address to check your registration status and research your ballot:

What’s keeping you from voting in the midterms?

No problem. First, confirm where you’re registered to vote. Then you can change your voting registration or request an absentee ballot.

That’s OK. Go here, type in your address, and you’ll find info on every measure and candidate. Ballotpedia is also a good resource.

We know it doesn’t feel like it right now, but voting does matter. A lot. Decisions made by people we elect have enormous consequences for our lives. Will gas prices keep rising? Will affirmative action continue? Will abortion access change? Will trans students be allowed to participate in college sports? Will your student loans be canceled? Also, elections are decided by narrow margins. (The 2000 Presidential Election was decided by 537 votes; a 2018 primary for Baltimore County executive by 17 votes.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Why Bother, Wisconsin?

Why Bother, Wisconsin? is an alliance of colleges and universities in the state, dedicated to making it easier for college students to vote while others make it more difficult.

We’re turning Election Day into a class-free day of civic action, and calling on other schools to do the same.

Why now?

Wisconsin recently passed a raft of voter restriction laws. The ease of voting — or difficulty — directly affects turnout. We want to make it as easy as possible for college students (and everyone) to vote, and then make it a habit forever.

But why bother? I do vote, but then politicians don’t keep their promises.

Yep. True. Thankfully, we only elect people for short periods of time, and voting is the first step to holding politicians accountable. If they don’t keep their promises, then you have the opportunity to vote against them next time.

Why cancel classes?

Democracies around the world make Election Day a national holiday, but the United States never has. By canceling classes, students can make voting a priority, as well as become election judges and give rides to the polls.

How can I get involved?

To join the Why Bother? Campaign and increase college voter turnout, please contact conliske@beloit.edu.