Why Bother Wisconsin?

Building an alliance of colleges turning Election Day into a class-free day of action.

Leadership Resources

To increase voter turnout on your campus, colleges and universities need a team, plan and message. We’ve compiled these resources into the Why Bother Toolkit.

How Beloit College turned Election Day into a day of action

“For the past year, I’ve felt a constant fear for the future of our democracy,” wrote Beloit Prof. Daniel Youd to President Scott Bierman in January 2022. “Easy access to voting is under sustained attack right here in Wisconsin. My idea is this: although election day will not be a national holiday, why don’t we institute such a holiday here at Beloit College? Let’s make it as easy as possible for our community members to vote by giving ourselves the day off.”

Bierman agreed, as did the college’s Provost Eric Boynton. As Boynton was setting the academic calendar, he moved Beloit & Beyond, a class-free day already committed to community service and civic engagement, to Election Day.

“As we thought about Beloit & Beyond, my team met, and we knew voting needed to be a part of it this year and beyond — so we moved the day,” Boynton said. ”To act quickly, we’d recommend schools that have such days relocate them to Election Day.

“Moving the day the campus celebrates Veterans Day is another option. There are lots of creative ways to demonstrate how your community prioritizes voting.”